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  1. Hello there ! For potential futur visitor, i have to say i found out a free and simple way by using BaseElement "Zip" and "FileListFolder" functions : https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206609058-BE-Zip https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204700868-BE-FileListFolder It works like a charm and appear to be more straight forward than using a groovy and ScriptMaster. Just had the surprise on windows that a path had to begin with C:/… instead of usual /C:/… whereas on macOS, the path can start as usual by /Volumes/Hard Disk/… Here is an FileMaker script sample that worked for me : Set Variable [ $path; Value:Substitute ( <FileMakerPathOfAFolder> ;"file:/" ; If ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 1 ; "/Volumes/" ; "" ))] Set Variable [ $files_names; Value:BE_FileListFolder ( $path ) ] Loop Set Variable [ $i; Value: $i + 1 ] Set Variable [ $files_path; Value:List( $files_path ; $path & GetValue ( $files_names ; $i ) ) ] End of Loop if [ $i = CountValues ( $files_names ) ] End of Loop Set Variable [ $Zip; Value:BE_Zip ( $files_path ) ] .
  2. John, it is very kind from you. I understand the thread is very old. What i can tell is that i have not found many other solution like yours.
  3. Hi Ryan, Thank you for helping ! Yes my ScriptMaster version is 5.1. Sounds like there are no update since june 2018.
  4. Hello There, I am trying to use John's script v1.1 with ScriptMaster plugin but without success. I have a little experience with this plugin and for instance, i am able to register and evaluate the script provided by 360Works "Zip File( src ; destination )" without any issue. But my actual need is to zip a folder and i was very happy to find this post. Unfortunately, i am unable to Register John's script (evaluating into a variable it returns just "ERROR" instead of 1) and i am also unable to evaluate/perform it; i always get this message : java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Are there specific requirements to register/evaluate John's script with ScriptMaster ?
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