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  1. Firstly Hi Kevin, hope SA is treating you well. And for anyone else having the same issue, a couple of things that were causing this for me; Wrong version of scribe OR Trying to save the container field as a variable or within a Let() function before putting into the ScribeDocSubstitute function. This isn't how Kevin had written it above so would still be useful for him or Scribe to let us now how this was resolved in the end.
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick reply, we've upgraded to newer versions of the plugins 5.1 and 3.08 and also edited the jusched.exe file so that it won't be run automatically. Seems to have solved the problem for now but many thanks for the offer.
  3. Hello, we're having this same issue with scriptmaster 4.42 and scribe 1.451. Java Updater Scheduler stays open when FM is closed and this stops FM opening. Is this something that's been fixed now? I am going to try using scriptmaster 5.1to see if that helps. P.s. We've tried turning off the auto update-scheduling for Java but seems the plugin starts the process manually.
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