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  1. thank you doughemi for your assistance, but i'm still until now without solve the project, can you help me to as attached file Regards
  2. yes i created everything almost but i don't know how they can work as i want
  3. please check my example, i think you understand the idea Map.fmp12
  4. you know lego? this is like a game the big picture split for 12 piece and i fill number each piece color appear depending of value that entered such as the last attach
  5. not like this i attach the sample with notes thank you Map.fmp12
  6. Dear doughemi thank you again attach my idea 1) i want to input 12 data numbers 2) for each number we have 3 pictures different colors as you say 3) after input data numbers the system appear one of three pictures (condition) if number >5 appear green picture if number > 10 appear red picture if number > 0 appear blue at final we input 12 number and appeared 12 picture Regards Bilal Ali BilalAli.fmp12
  7. Dear Sir, i have 12 Images Random forms are irregular and i want to enter values (numbers) depending of these number how can i change these images color such example: if value no1 = 10 change color image no1 to red and if the number is 5 change the color to green ( 3 color for each value)
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