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  1. For anyone curious who may be checking this thread with a similar issue, this was the issue and solution! Thanks Fitch! On my PC I had Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit. FMP Advanced was 64 bit. And Office 2016 (Office 365) was at 32 bit. When we switched out 32 bit office with 64 bit, it worked! To use a PC's mail client, like Outlook, you have to use 64 bit. And then it's also tied in to what your PC OS is running, etc. Thank you for the help!!
  2. Thanks! I'll check with my I.T. about that
  3. Nice thank you! We have O365, but I am very limited what I can do in our enterprise environment (where FMP is always scrutinized to begin with). So I won't be able to use FM Server or anything else for that matter. Thank you for the help!
  4. Thanks! I'll check it out. Having to update all the email scripts will be a nightmare for me though haha. We don't do attachments, but the body of the emails can be pretty complex...not sure if this will work. Did you find upgrading to the latest version of FMP resolved the issue with Outlook?
  5. Thank you! So doing a open url with mailto will bring it back to the Outlook client? When you did it, did it include all the data in the script? This has basically automated us big time to the point where we didn't need as many people doing this manually. Would hate to go back. I think we are on FMP 13 at the office. It's hard to get upgrades due to cost 😕
  6. Hi everyone, hope you have had some experience with this one. I looked on the internet and tried solutions i found there to no success (I have also gotten my IT involved, who are unsure what to do). Our computers have Windows 7 on them, and it works fine (script that opens a new email in Outlook and populates with data...we then manually click the send button in that email to send). I was upgraded to Windows 10, and Outlook 2016, and have had issues immediately. The new email will pop up, and it looks like everything is fine. When I try to click send a "Server Busy" message will appear with "This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem". That does not work and you are caught in an endless cycle where I have to close out both Outlook and FMP. I do see in task switcher after I close out of everything the 'FIXMAPI 1.0 MAPI Repair Tool (32 bit)' program pops up hidden (but isn't doing anything and closes out). This can be duplicated. There are some rare occasions where it works fine...then suddenly back to this again. It is usually only one email that (rarely) is fine, but often it is like this right off the bat. We have tried everything from trying different version of Outlook (such as 32bit to 64bit), seeing what is going on in task manager, etc., to no avail. Is there any solution to this? I can't imagine why FMP is just not working with Outlook when it did so perfectly before. Thank you very much to anyone who can help. Please let me know if more details can help with an answer to this!
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