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  1. Forgive me, but do you happen to know how to generate this? Should I leave the original global field listing as text, then convert it? Or is there a way to generate a numeric list separated by commas straight off? Thanks again.
  2. Hi! Thanks for the speedy reply. The original global field (text) - generated by a looping script - is a list of Record IDs, separated by carriage returns. 910 911 912 913 914 915 I base the variable in my Let statement on this... And, writing this, I realise what the issue I am experiencing probably centres around: I need a list of numeric values! D'Oh! Regards,
  3. Hi! Try as I might, I have not been able to amend the Let functions in the last two posts to successfully work with: WHERE ROWID IN (" & list_rowIDs & ")" Has anyone else managed to do this? Basically, I am endeavoring to write an SQL SELECT statement that operates on a found set (whose Record IDs are stored in an FM variable created via a looping script). Thanks in advance for any pointers.
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