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  1. Geoffrey, Thank you for the reply, "Line 25 should identify the TxnID of the Bill that's being paid by this check." What if I don't have an Invoice or other Payable to apply the Check Payment to? Can I still add the check? ie: Bank charges Pre-Authorized payments, vehicle or equipment leases, etc.?
  2. I'm back, I've corrected the order as suggested, Thank You. But now I'm baffled by the TxnID. The documentation says I cannot supply a value, but if I dont it returns the following error: "CODE: 3150 SEVERITY: Error MESSAGE: There is a missing element: "TxnID" ......HELP?
  3. I removed the PCQB_RqCloseRelatedRecord, still returns error.
  4. Hello All, Major Newbie here, be gentle. Trying to PUSH a check into QB Desktop from FM17 with the following Script, returns error. I'm definitely missing something... all help appreciated.
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