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  1. Thank you, it appears that I had a corrupt image. When I use other images, everything works as it should. Sorry to waste your time. Thank you!
  2. So I am using the SCCopy to transfer images from one record to the other and that part works just as I wanted it to. However, I am finding a few issues and I'm wondering if someone can explain it to me or tell me if I am doing something wrong. 1. Say I accidentally scanned the wrong image to the main parent (where the image was copied from), and I overwrite it, it overwrites the file it was copied to as well. Should it do that? I was thinking the SCCopy made the image a completely independent image. It appears in it's own record folder on the server. 2. We have this option to download images from Filemaker to our desktop. I have a checkbox in place to retrieve the image. However, when I select the checkbox for download, it is saying that there is no file attached. However, if I go flag the parent record, it works as it should. If there is a photo in that filemaker's record folder where super container images are being stored, and there is an image in the main parent record as well, shouldn't they both be independent images? Thanks in advance.
  3. Never mind. I realized it was creating the appropriate files. I thought I had to have every file path associated but really, the path needed to start where I actually create the one folder for the images to be stored in. Everything is resolved. Thanks!
  4. I have all of that information worked out. What I meant is how do I create a physical file on the external hard drive attached to our Filemaker server. The SCCopy will not work unless the physical directory exists (\volumes\etc\). I physically added the directory for testing and the SCCopy works. I just need to actually add the physical folder in where this data is being saved. Thanks!
  5. Last question, Is there a way to create the file it needs to scan? All I have ever been familiar with is dragging and dropping the image into a web viewer and it created the image. Is there a way to create a folder on the supercontainer server without the web viewer? Thanks!
  6. Never mind! I finally got it to work. I was missing an ending / on the address I was copying it to. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  7. I tried the SCCopy and I cannot seem to get it to work. I have: set field [plugincall; SCCopy( http:.../the path all the way to the name of the scanned image; the physical path since it will not accept the http; the file name) Can you tell me if I'm doing anything wrong? It is not throwing an error when I run this but it is not copying anything either. The file does exist where I'm trying to copy to.
  8. Yeah... I'm kind of lost. I apologize but we had a contractor originally build the scanned images part. Right now they are dragging and dropping an image into a container field to save it and after they have saved like 10 images, they want to copy all 10 to 10 other records. Once it is saved through the container field, I am not sure how to save it to a global. What I mean is what is the actual SuperContainer code to get an image already stored on our external server to store the same image in the other area... My hopes is to create a way for them to scan everything they need, have a checkbox that they can select on all the images they want to copy to another record and then maybe have another area where they might want to choose all the cases they want to scan it to. For example, they may only want to scan it to cases that are still open.
  9. I am wondering if anyone has advice or know of a way to safely copy SuperContainer images from one record to another. We used to scan images on one associated record but now our boss would like to scan images to all of the associated records. For example I scan someone's driver's license to record 1 and then I need that same scanned image on record 2-10. Is there a way to loop through and save the image under all of the records so that they do not have to be uploaded individually on all 10 records? Right now we are on Filemaker 17 and FileMaker server 17. Mac OS = Mojove Our images are stored on an external server. The address in which the images are stored is a calculation in which it uses the primary key of the record for storage. So if I just copy the address from one record to the other, it changes the pk to the record it is on obviously breaking the connection to where it is stored. I also do not like this way for the simple fact that say they stored a receipt that only should be on one particular record and accidentally carried it over to another record, if they delete or save over that particular record, I only want it deleted on the wrong record and still remain on the correct one. This is why I am looking for a way to copy images from one record to the other. Can anyone help or have any ideas? Our establishment relies a lot on scanning and it is just killing their time management....
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