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  1. Hello, I’m working on an intergation with WhatsApp. Further down the line it will use the WhatsApp API but as a short term solution I had hoped to just open the WhatsApp web client in a WebViewer. When I open it, however, it says that it needs Safari 9+. I’m running Mojave with Safari 12.1.1 Any help as to why it’s asking for 9+ when it has 12? I also get the same thing when trying to access Google Drive through a WebViewer. The following code gives the following result: data:text/html, <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>
  2. Josh, thanks for your further help I now have an OnFirstWindowOpen script that contains a single line: Set Variable [ $$PATH.DATA ; Value: "fmnet:/###/@@@_v1_0_13" ] When I open the interface file directly with the Script Debugger open I get the ‘File not Found’. At that point, the Script Debugger is blank and I can see no file or layout. It asks for the file and I click Cancel. It then runs the single script and leaves me on the starting layout, built from the interface file TO with no relationships or records. The Data Viewer shows the correct path
  3. Josh, certainly could do that, but I've had it set to have no OnFirstWindowOpen script and I still get the error when I open the interface file directly. Normally, I have an opener file for each client into which I set the current file names and paths for Dev, Testing and Live. Depending on which I choose, that then calls a script in the target file which opens it. This means that the OnFirstWindowScript doesn't run and it just runs the targeted script. The OnFirstWindowOpen script thus only runs when I run a script using PSOS. It does Set Error Capture and Allow User
  4. Josh, Thanks for your help. I've gone into the File Options and set 'Switch to Layout' to be blank. I still get the same issue. As another puzzle piece that I think might be related: If I open the file and set a hard-coded path for DATA then the data is visible in the interface file as expected. I have a script for updating fields in a Quote and its Lines. It goes to a layout built from a session record in the interface file. It then references a the Quotes table in the DATA file and then has a portal showing the related lines from the DATA file. When
  5. Thanks all for your input. I've turned off both the onFirstWindowOpen and onLastWindowClose triggers and I still get the same issue. Regarding the TOs, there are 220 TOs referencing DATA - 95% of the TOs These are the setup details for the 'landing page' in File Options: And the triggers in File Options: Layout - only one text object: Layout Manager shows no script triggers: Manage Database - table that layout is built on: And the data source returning the error:
  6. bcooney, Thanks for the references to Josh's comments. I don't think that's going to be the case because the error is occurring before the onFirstWindowOpen script has kicked in. But I'll check out the scripting in light of his comments and see whether it helps! Thanks
  7. I am working on an inherited system. It was originally just a single file. I split it into the separation model by duplicating the interface file to create a data file and then repointing all the interface file TOs to the tables in the data file. The External Data Source is called DATA. It contains the path $$PATH.DATA Within File Options, the interface file is set to open on a temporary layout built from a table occurrence that has no relationships and no records From here I then set a value into $$PATH.DATA before heading to a layout that references data from this file.
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