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  1. Hello, I have the same problem and I search the DNS configuration in my Cpanel ... Can you explain to me what you did as a configuration? Thanks in advance !
  2. Hello, I get this error in my Cloudmail log, could you tell me how to fix it? It seems that characters are not accepted by AWS. Would there be a function to suppress certain character that is not accepted by amazon. myemailadress@gmail.com-sent: 15071 -next when: 11/8/2019 5:55 PM 1 Email campaign could not be sent: com.prosc.aws.exception.InvalidParameterValueException: Message (user) attribute 'html' value contains invalid binary character '#x1D'. You must use only the following supported characters: #x9 | #xA | #xD | [#x20-#xD7FF] | [#xE000-#xFFFD] | [#x10000-#x10FFFF]. Thank you for your help, Grégoire
  3. Hi ! Yes, that's exactly what I did. I have my instance of Cloudmail and I install DKIM as suggest. I still have a poor spam result because of the unsubscribe link (-3). What can I do to avoid this? Here is the unsubscribe link that seems not working on spam. Do I have a configuration to do at Cloudmail?
  4. Hello! I have the same problem of poor spam result. Could you explain to me how to create a record in my DNS that points to the CloudMail instance? Thank you for your help !
  5. Hello, Is there a function for the optional text? This optional text will appear in the inboxes of your subscribers next to the subject line. Write something attractive! Thank you
  6. Hello, Is there a way to include a reply address in the email? That the customer uses another address to reply to the received email? Thank you
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