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  1. Thank you so very, very much for your help.
  2. You "wonder why I cannot automate this part". I am not clever enough to automate it as I first have to open the Word Press website, find and deactivate the member, and then, only after I have done that, do I have to record in my database that that is what I have done. My problem is nearly resolved following the idea you gave me, by writing a script to import the updated data from the excel file, and then displaying it only where there are records that need to be handled, as per your suggestion, but I am stumped by what happens if there are no records that need to be handled. I want to u
  3. Thank you for that comment. It has given me an idea that I believe will resolve my problem.
  4. I have a small Filemaker Member's database (less than 1,200) with some 650 existing members but I am not the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary uses Excel to record who joins and resigns, and each time there is a change in membership (joining or leaving) the Excel file on Dropbox is updated and I am notified. I therefore have to import that data into my Filemaker Members database each time there is a change to the members (new member, change in personal detail or resigned member). However I am in control over the data of the existing members who also join our web membership
  5. I attempted to reply to you using my iPad, but although the reply was, apparently saved, I notice it has not been posted. I have 9 different files ending .fmp12. The biggest has 21 tables covering 10 matters, the next has 7 tables covering 6 matters, and then they reduce in complexity until the smallest has 3 tables covering one matter. I purchased the program Filemaker Sync Pro 16, and no licences. I believe that the purchase, which was very expensive, allows me to design as many databases as I want and I do not pay a licence per table or per database, but, of course, I can only u
  6. Thank you for that help. I will investigate an inexpensive FileMaker hosting company, but it seems I will have to continue to "Save As" and Delete and Reload the databases However thank you for that information. Regards David
  7. I am a sole home user, not a business, keeping my personal records in a Filemaker Pro 16 database on my desktop (windows 10) and Filemaker Go on my iPad. No other person is involved. My 9 databases consist of sundry different records in the 100s to 1,000s rather than 10,000 (with the exception of my diabetes records 80,000 +) or more, although they will increase over time, and cover such things as Accounts, Health Records, Software, Telephone Calls, Internet of Things, Gas and Electricity usage, and Diabetes Measurement records. All of a personal home nature. I want to keep the
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