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  1. Checkout fmversion.com for those still looking for version management
  2. FM Version was designed & built by Kempen Automatisering, a FileMaker Platinum partner developer company based in the Netherlands. In the 18 years of building custom FileMaker solutions for a wide array of customers we have recognized that in the current world of software development the way of doing projects is becoming more and more agile. The speed in which developers can keep ahead of the customer demands and at changes in the industries & tech is paramount. This means short iterations with many small releases compared to building for months and surprising the customer with features that are no longer needed. The release of intermediate updates is what we mean when we call (well not just us) versions. In this interactive new process of building high quality software, the need for a better insight in these versions was born. FM Version is used by Kempen Automatisering as way of staying sane during the development process. Project managers and product owners have a clear insight in the progress of intermediate versions. Developers can check eachother’s work, focusing only on new additions or changes, saving time and preventing users from having to test the entire system. Bugs can be traced back to their inception and development leftovers can be easily identified and cleaned up, preventing the buildup of technical debt. After 1,5 years of developing FM Version we have decided to release the first version manager made specifically for FileMaker. We are excited to introduce other developers to FM Version and help them do what we like the most, building awesome software for great clients in a fun and controlled way while learning new skills along the way. Sign up for a 14 day trial at fmversion.com, we do require a credit card however after entering your payment data you have 14 days to cancel your trial. Or checkout our quick demo video, launching presentation at FM Summit
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