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  1. I tried setting a field on the contacts table to a calc field named group as a calculation using the above function and parameters and evaluating the calc from the contacts table and it comes in empty. This is what I had been doing without it producing results. I am not sure why the function produces no results. Again this is using the supplied database that comes in the disk image with the addressbook manipulator plug in. Thanks for your help Chris. Unfortunately the function is not behaving correctly according to the documentation. I am sure that there is an explanation, I just don't know what it is. LImore
  2. very simply trying to use either a custom function pcab getlistofvalues or via a relationship to associate the data regarding groups on the contacts label so that if a contact belongs to three groups, three groups are listed on his contact. And i have thus far been unsuccessful. So i want to operate this on the demo file that comes with the plug in. thanks, Limore
  3. it is a function in the addrebook manipulator plugin and the productive demo file.
  4. I have attempted to use the function getlistofvalues to get the contacts layout to list the groups that contact belongs to. Does anyone know how i might achieve this quickly without a deep dive into the relationship graph? thanks so much
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