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  1. This is my first time doing a QB integration. All I know about it comes from the PCI Training videos. In that they use script steps. Do you have a link/source for doing this outside of the script steps workflow I am currently using?
  2. Here is my script. Currently uses 2 tables [Purchase Orders & Purchase Order Items] The section between the blue arrows is where i believe the issue lies. Thank you in advance for your advice. ~KM
  3. Does anyone have a sample file on how to push a Purchase Order? I am able to to populate the main portion of the PO but can only get it to add a single PO line item without an error. I am sure if I had a sample file I could reverse engineer what I am doing wrong. I am sure that I am not setting up the related record correctly or I am using the wrong nomenclature on the OSR (I find the OSR to be lacking in the type of specificity that I would like, particularly when trying to push data). Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I am trying to push half a dozen additional contacts I all seems well except only the first 2 go over. One gets set to the "Primary Contact" in QB, the next gets set to Secondary Contact" in QB. It appears that there can be a 3rd value called "Additional Contact". I have looked through the OSR but I don't see anything within the CustomerAdd section that would apply to how to set this attribute (or ecevn what the attribute is called). Due to the fact that my looping is working to create these first two contacts, and per the OSR there can be an unlimited number of contacts, I was just presuming these get set in the order that they were entered. But my script will only put in the first two contacts so I imagine that the have to set some sort of field to "Additional Contact", I just can't find it. Any advice?
  5. Just implemented this about 3 weeks ago and it was working fine. Now it hangs up on the script step with Set Variable($result; Value:PCFB_Identify). It just sits there scanning, never collecting the value. It can't get to the next script step to evaluate the value, the only input it accepts is the CANCEL. Plug in is registered, scanner is initialized as part of the startup script, fingerprints are loaded onto the device, "Plug in checker" script step is successful when ran. Any suggestions?
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