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  1. Thanks Mike! I remember seeing a separate channel for non-profits and education on the how to buy FM Cloud. What I am concerned about is whether these people will be able to cope with the technical difficulties of connecting etc. thanks again, mp
  2. Thanks for your reply but I have been over the expenses involved for a very good hosting service with them, the hosting company is incredibly generous but their association still cannot afford it. I have been donating my time for years and would like to retire. It's unlikely they will be able to find a consultant who is local and willing to go without pay. I realize they won't get any service if they go the Cloud route, I was wanting to know if anyone here thought these people would be able to handle it on their own with their annual new batch of newbie volunteers. Frankly I don't want to have to figure it out for this year but may be able to. Thanks again, mp
  3. I have a non-profit client who holds one big event every summer. They are staffed by volunteers, most of whom move on each year. Almost no one ever has even heard of FileMaker, it is little used on my island. I want to retire but don't want to abandon them. I have been a FileMaker Developer for 30 years but have not been keeping up to date the last several years. For several years now they have been passing the files around between the volunteers, it's frightening. I have never been able to convince them to invest in FMServer, especially a hosting service where all the tech stuff is taken care of for them. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether this association could cope with FileMaker Cloud? I know very little about it myself, I read the "getting started" article and it seems fairly difficult. And not much cheaper than paying a hosting company. Thanks very much, mp
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