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  1. A really simple way to do it, which was my modification of some of the suggestions, is to create one script that use IF statement branching based on the script paramater passed in. This worked for me, as I only had a handful of fields on different layouts, etc... My use case was being able to copy email addresses from different areas of the solution. So for each field I wanted to give the click to copy behaviour, I setup the field as a button, and assigned it my script below, which I created. The script paramater is a string that makes sense (in my case different tables that have the desired field, which might be used on different layouts - so this reduces the number of IF branches). It copies the field and then selects nothing, so that the field doesn't become editable. The script I created is as follows: Freeze Window Allow User Abort [Off] Set Variable [$param; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter )] If [$param = "approvers"] Copy [Select; Approvers::Email] Else If [$param = "contacts"] Copy [Select; Contacts::Email] Else If [$param = "companies"] Copy [Select; Companies::Email] Else Halt Script End If Go to Field [] Even if there was a reasonably large number of fields, it wouldn't be too big of a job to setup.
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