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  1. This seems to work. I created an SQL cal field on my Layout called 'SQL_SyncDate' with this calculation: ExecuteSQL ( " Select MAX (SyncTimeStamp) from MirrorSync " ;"" ;"" ) and Inserted the SQL_SyncDate as a Merged Field on to my iPad HomePage Layout and placed this merged field above my 'Sync' button. Seems to be working great. The other ways I was trying was not updated the date on every sync. Still haven't figured out why but this calculation seems to be working.
  2. They have a ‘Calendar Kit Add On’ for purchase through their site. I’ve been using for about a week now and it seems very nice. I’m still working on configuring it.
  3. Hi again Nick, I did see what you are talking about for the file in the MirrorSync Table and I did create a simple relationship as you directed. However, there is still nothing showing up. When I go on the MirrorSync Layout and select the 'Internal' tab, the "lastSuccessfulTimestamp" field is empty in both my solution on the server and the solution on my iPad. The only field showing the recent sync is the 'sync4' field on the same MirrorSync Layout in the 'Internal' tab, please see attached. The sync itself is working great. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to your next response. Mark
  4. Thanks Nick, I will give that a shot. Appreciate the reply.
  5. I’m fairly new with MirrorSync but very familiar with FileMaker Pro. Love the MirrorSync way of syncing my solution on my iPad to my FM Server, thank you for the program 360 Works. My question is, I have a button on my spoke solution to sync with my server. I simply wish to have a time stamp of the last sync above my button on my iPad layout. I’ve tried SQL calculations pulling from the MirrorSync layout on the server but obviously the iPad solution isn’t getting that sync time stamp, hence this question. So is there a simple way of grabbing the sync time stamp and transferring that to the solution on my iPad every time I sync? Thanks in advance Mark
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