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  1. Hello, I am working on a financial system and I want help or a working example of an Account A to Account B transfer method in Filemaker. Account A and Account B are both in the same table ACCOUNTS and the transaction will take place in the LEDGER table. Attached an image as an example to understand my query.
  2. Hello, I want to have the closing balance (of previous day) in the current day Opening Stock field and this will be the formula for the current day Opening Stock+Purchased-Sold=Balance
  3. Hi, I want to have an opening balance of my product stock or any customer account but i cannot get the idea of what calculation can be used. I am using a list view of the products where the balances are coming from the transaction table. Required E.g For Products Stock (The opening calculation idea is required. Product Opening Stock (Required) Purchased Sold Balance APPLES 10 08 02 16 ORANGES 50 90
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