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  1. Thank you I have installed the plugin on the server. If I run the get installed plugins server side and put the result in a field it correctly puts in FTP Peek 2.1 as enabled. However if I include register the plugin in a PSOS script it feezes FileMaker and I have to force quit. Is it not necessary to register the plugin server side? I am using the same registration step I use on the client machines without problem.
  2. Thanks Sean What exactly do you mean "install Plug-in File in a PSOS in a solution hosted". What does the acronym PSOS stand for? I understand how to install the plug in on Mac and Windows and IOS computers accessing the solution using the install plugin script. But is there a seperate script to install the FM Cloud version on the server? Do we even need install this if it is one the local computers and there is no web direct access.
  3. I assume to run on FM Cloud I install the FM Cloud version of the plugin. Does this work Mac/Windows or do I seperately have the start up script install Mac and Windows versions and the cloud version only goes on AWS.
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