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  1. Thanks Wim and Olger for the advice I downgraded to server 17. It's been over a week and the server has not crashed again. So I am hoping that the problem is solved... In answer to Wim's questions The crash symptoms are: No server hosted FileMaker files can be opened from any work station on the network. The list of open host files on every workstation is empty. The file status for all hosted files is "Open" in the server console. No indication on the server console that there is a problem. Other than that all guest were sequentially disconnected because they were not res
  2. Hello, I have a FileMaker server 18 installation that’s crashing about once a week. When I look at the event log for the time of the crash. I see client 1 not responding, client 2 not responding etc. until all clients are disconnected. All databases show as open in the server console. From a client PC no open files are listed for the host. If I telnet to the server from a workstation on port 5003 a connection can’t be established. Stopping and starting the database server does not help. Restarting the FileMaker service does not restore operation. The server is still communicating with
  3. Does anyone have an example of how to pull all items from QBO including the sub items? I can currently pull all the items, but not the sub items.
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