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  1. Great! To add a view button to the portal, would I make my script something like this? If DocType = "MSE" Go to related record from Subform|MSE using window _________ Else If DocType = "DA" go to ..............
  2. Hi All, I'm going to try and explain this as best I can, so feel free to ask questions if something is unclear! I am building a database for clinical mental health. In working with clients, users will need to document a variety of forms using different measures, like an MSE, PHQ, DA, and other "forms" (the abbreviations shouldn't be relevant). On the client's dashboard, I'd like a portal showing all of their documents/forms that have been entered, but I dont want to have individual portals for each type of form, I'd like them to all be shown on the same portal. What would be the easiest way to do this? Is the best way to add fields from ALL of the forms to one table, and then filter which fields are shown during creation based on the form the user wants to add, and then just show timestamp, user, etc, on the portal? Or is there a way that I should make each form its own table, and if so, how would I get all of those to show on the same portal? Looking for ease of use for the users and whichever will preserve the solution's performance. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello! I want to have an "on record load' script that will add a record to my audit log when an Individual record is viewed/edited, but I am finding that it is getting stuck in a loop since I have the script return to the individual detail layout/original record, so it bounces back and forth between the detail layout and the layout where the audit log record is created. any thoughts on how I can get this loop to stop? Thanks!
  4. That script works perfectly!!!! Thank you!
  5. Oh duh, perfect! And that works even if data is not contained in a portal? Thanks!
  6. I want to be able to delete a record from Table A, but also have all of it's related records from Tables B and C deleted as well. Is there an easy way to do this, or do I need a delete button or menu option to go to a layout of each table, find the records based on the ID from Table A, and delete them? Thanks for the help!
  7. Hello! Came over to this forum since FM screwed up the community, so feel free to move this post around if I have it in the wrong place! Is there a way that I can put a transparent button over the body of my list layout, but only allow it to be clickable of the user first clicks to make that record the "active" record? Essentially, they would then be able to click to make the record the active row but remain on that layout, but then a second click would direct them to the appropriate layout? Can the button only be shown when the listed record is active? If so, what would my "Hide object when" formula look like? Thanks for the help, here's to hoping this forum makes up for the new FM Community!
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