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  1. Hi Sean, As noted in my documentation above, I am NOT receiving a transaction ID back from CCLastPaymentTransactionID when the transaction is declined. Also, in some (seemingly random) cases, that function is returning zero as a result. There is a sample response of each type of suspicious result in my original post.
  2. I've been struggling to get more verbose error logging from the CCProcessPaymentProfile script step in Plastic version 3.1 Here's the calculation I'm using to log the response to JSON: JSONSetElement ( "" ; [ "Success" ; (true or false depending on case) ; "JSONBoolean" ]; [ "ResponseMessage" ; (custom message depending on case) ; "JSONSTRING" ]; [ "TransactionID" ; CCLastPaymentTransactionID ; "JSONSTRING" ]; [ "ResultCode" ; Let(result = CCLastChargeResult ; If(result = "ERROR" ; CCLastError ; result)) ; "JSONSTRING" ]; [ "AuthorizationCode" ; Let(result = CCLastPaymentAuthCod
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