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    on FMProAdvanced. I am looking a solution for inventory

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  1. omnia

    solutions wanted Inventory counting

    I am a canadian and I work with fmpAdvanced. if you find a solution, I'd appreciate you contacting me. <reply by private topic> I am looking at a solution for inventory. One important request is that they need to be able to calculate the inventory for previous dates. E.g. the beginning of the quarter compared to today or this day last year. My thoughts so far to be able to do this is to have an article file and a stock movements file, all values and quantities of stock will be held in the movements file. Basically the last related record will be in the movements table will be current value, but we can also find the last related related record based on any date. Will this be a fast way to calculate or slow? I don't want to start and then find things slow down on me too much. After this I will also need to be able to age the stock.
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