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  1. Hi, because i have a layout which its a report with a group of numeric field to show a monthly cash flow of a business, on the lay out i have a script for calculate the months (36) from a specific date and the script set those fields on the layout from a calculated fields i have on the table, doing that we reduce the time of generate the report and the navigation on it. but if another user access the layout and trigger the script modify the data on the report for the 2 users, that's why we want to block the access.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a layout that I want to enter only one user at a time, i try a field where a script trigger on open layout makes a set field "1" and when closing the layout deletes it, so when another user enter the layout if the field is "1" denies the access, but if filemaker crash or the connection is lost, that field stays in 1 and nobody can enter the layout, how can this be solved? Thank you in advance for your help.
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