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  1. I have an html document stored on an iOS device in the Filemaker Go documents folder. File name "HomePage.html" I would like to open the document from Filemaker Go using a scripted button either in the browser or Safari. What is the best way to open an html document in Filemaker Go and what is the correct path name of the file when it is stored in the Filemaker Go documents folder?
  2. Thanks Ocean West. I used the technique suggested by Comment of placing the text in a container and setting the Encoding before exporting the field contents. Works a treat. I'm still a bit bemused by FM Go and FM Pro using different encodings for the same script element. I have some more reading to do!
  3. I've used the container approach that you suggested and it works perfectly. I still think it's a bit weird that FM Go and FM Pro use different encoding for "Export Field Contents". Bit of a trap for young players! Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks so much for that, your explanation is clear and the file that you sent works with all the applications that I use. I will have to get up to speed with encodings. In the past I have ignored coding types. I see the fact that Filemaker Go and Filemaker MacOS use different encoding from the same FM document as a bit of a quirk! From an earlier post I see that FM 18 gives additional functionality with text files and encoding so I will probably upgrade from 17. As I understand it, Plugins aren't really the way to go because most of my solutions are iOS based using FM Go. Once again, thanks for your help.
  5. Two zipped files attached. By "doesn't work" I mean the files can't be used by other applications. Typically the app will throw up "this file can't be opened" or "the file is corrupt" or will produce an empty waypoint set, to give three examples. The error message depends on how the application handles whatever the issue is. The iOS produced example file works with all apps and applications under iOS or MacOS. The MacOS produced file produces the error messages. The same Filemaker document is used on iOS and MacOS If I run a MacOS hosted Filemaker document and produce the GPX using a client iPad (iOS) the GPX file is fine. GPX.zip
  6. The problem is that although the iOS and MacOS files appear identical, the iOS file works with other apps and the MacOS file doesn't. The iOS file works under MacOS with a range of applications. I'll have a go at your suggestion to import to a container and re-export. I did consider exporting as XML but a GPX file unfortunately has some critical differences and my expertise in style sheets is near zero. Also, the usage (Navigation and trip logs) is mainly iOS based so not being able to use the same script on the Mac and in iOS would be a pain. Thanks for your interest and advice
  7. Thanks! That just might be it. I have UTF-8 in the GPX file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <gpx xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1" Version="1.1" Creator="Europe Diary"> So perhaps iOS use UTF-8 and MacOS UTF-16 NO! I tried changing the XML specification to UTF-16 but no go. I will have another look at the Base elements plugin. It looks like another "Case iOS, xxx, MacOS,xxx,Windows,xxx" thing. Sigh...
  8. I have a Filemaker Pro script which writes a text file in GPX format. The resulting text file works correctly when running on Filemaker Go (on an iPad or iPhone) BUT when the script runs on MacOS under Filemaker Pro 17, the resulting GPX file won't work correctly with several applications which use GPX. The file looks identical but just won't work. The file written under iOS on an iPad works fine after being transferred to MacOS. It appear that the same script creates a different file under iOS than under MacOS. The script uses "export field contents" from a single global record. I'm guessing that "non printing" characters like CR TAB LF may be the issue. Can anybody confirm that iOS and MacOS use different characters when using "export field contents"? Anybody got other ideas?
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