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  1. Nice, Thank you so much comment. I will try and return results. Regards!
  2. Hi Guys, There are any logic or resource that i can use to make like a "text to columns". Make text from field one flow to another fields but only with in the middle of coma regarding your sequence, like a excel? Full text with Comas Text1 Separated Text2 Separated Text3 Separated How,Are,You? How Are You? Could please help me, i need a lot of this resource.
  3. Hi Guys, Thank you so much fo your time and all help. My final doubt is: for sample when i create an solution in Java or Python and i deploy it in a executable using sqlite, i able to access it from any systems without Python or Java installed. It,s possible make the same with FM, if yes how can i proceed?
  4. Nice Explanation Wim, Sure, but to another users acess my solution without FMS they need to have FM installed in your machine correct? Not is possible run filemaker solutions without FM installed?
  5. Hi Wim, Thanks. Another question. Its possible make an .exe that will run in any OSs? Or will be necessary a FM Server?
  6. Hi Wim, So, not is possible create a multiplataform solution using FM? I want to make my solution off-line and multiuser.
  7. Hi Guys, Its possible make my final deploy application run in Any Systems, not only in computers with FM installed? I've created a runtime .exe extension, however this not work in windows. Any help is welcome, thank you.
  8. Hi Guys, There is any script who request user and password of user after click in a button. I have a check box in my solution with get username for log register and validation, i want to request user and pass to allow user enter this option. Thanks for all.
  9. Like This. I need to make this Layout functional with DB relations. one line of this lay out need to populate one line of table requests.
  10. Hi LeRetta, I need that User request 10 different itens in the same screen. And all these fields need to have you own table and relations for not get informations of previously or next one. And all these fields will need to be take for a script and populate a database table of requests history. If i have only one table with informations about product, is i create 10 different Edit Box in the same screen, all box will get the same informations, for this reason i need 10 different tables.
  11. Hi Guys, As i told in my previously topic, i new in FM. I working in a solution that i need user type a qty to populate a table. However i not getting create a input field to user type, i only able to create fields related with a existent table field? This is a FM rule, or i able to create a field to user type according your necessity? Thank you.
  12. Thank you Ocean. It worked, new i able to duplicate my tables to work. Thank you so much. Have a good afternoon.
  13. Yes Ocean, But the most important to me is table records, not fields. And FM is not copying getting the records, only fields.
  14. Hi Guys, I new in FM, and i trying to create a application that i need 2 tables with same records to make a look up search. However i not getting duplicate my table, once i duplicate it my table is Pasted only with fields but without records. How can i duplicate mu table with records? I Tried export and import also, without success. There are any script, or method to duplicate table records? Thank you guys.
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