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  1. Our Filemaker apps are pretty dynamic, and we have a few people creating and editing those apps, which means schema changes could be made at any time. I assume a sync failure error, that has been set up to send a message to an email address, would at minimum include the application and table that failed to sync (hopefully it would say more than "a sync error occurred"). Would it provide more or less detail than that? Our intended sync process would be in one direction only, from the FM apps to an FM backup, likely to occur once a day after hours. The backup FM location would be both for security, and for reporting purposes. There is also a need for a single direction sync from FM to SQL. Is Mirrorsync the best choice for these processes?
  2. I am investigating MirrorSync for my company, for Filemaker-to-Filemaker backups and for Filemaker-to-SQL backups. The process for setting up a sync look very straightforward. My question is, when someone changes a Filemaker data table (for example: add/remove/rename a field), and fails to notify the admin, what sorts of errors occur when the sync happens? For a field that has been removed or renamed, I assume that MirrorSync will report it as an error, and send an email to the designated address? If so, how detailed would that message be? For added fields or tables, does MirrorSync have any sort of notification?
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