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  1. Can I buy a newer version without a subscription? If so what version? I understand it will be a lot of time and money to convert the databases and data I have been running for years. But if it will work I think it will be worth it. Would filemaker give me trouble if I bought used versions like I have done in the past? Really thank you for your help, Thanks, Larry
  2. Presently we run v9 server and clients in our office. It has worked very well for many years. If I can find the solution I would upgrade but I have not found a good reason, yet. We design and sell pre engineered buildings. When a building is designed is generates a folder for that job. In that folder are program specific files and sometimes the folders are large in size. It would be nice to drag and drop the folder (or anything else) into a field in filemaker and it would store it on C:/ and have filemaker reference it and be able to get it out through filemaker It seems that all the solutions I have found so far have file type limitations? Or it is clunky putting in the data or getting it out or only referencing it. Would anyone know of a case study or if upgrading would easily solve the issue or a 3rd part solution or someone who has built this solution for a client in the past? Thanks in advance, Larry
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