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  1. Thank you. That worked just fine.
  2. I am building a directory for my HOA. All of the data is in the Mac address book. I can sucessfully export that to Numbers and then export to a .csv file. I have designed my directory page and I can import the .csv file into it and I get a correct page for each homeowner with all the data, addresses, names, etc. That all works fine. In the upper right hand corner I have a block for the picture of the house. I have to go to each page of the directory and drag and drop the picture to that box. Needless to say I would like to get that automated. One of the things I import with the .csv file is the Lot Number of the house. Simple 3 digit number of 1 to 250. I have all of the house pictures in a folder on the desktop and I could give each picture a number coresponding to the lot number. Is there anyway that I can get filemaker to look at the lot number of each directory page and automatically find the picture with the same number and put it in the picture place holde in the upper right hand corner of the coresponoding page. Sure would save a lot of dragging and dropping.
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