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  1. Okay, what about this one? https://www.edq.com/documentation/apis/address-validate/rest-verification/
  2. Thanks for the tip ;) I discovered this service, do you think it works with the database? https://www.usps.com/business/web-tools-apis/welcome.htm Eternally grateful
  3. Hello! I'm doing my homework. I have a friend who works for USPS and he manages to make available in filemaker format the database of all ZIP +4 in the USA and I thought instead of going to get the internet, could I go to get this external database?
  4. Yes, that's it! Could you help me do this? Thank you so much;)
  5. A small, big problem. We have a field to enter the 4-digit zipcode in the address, and we wanted to introduce only the code by entering the full address, I give some examples: When entering the zip: 78130-2037 he wrote the address in the address field "SUNGATE DR", he wrote in the city field "NEW BRAUNFELS", he wrote in the state field "TX" and finally in the country field he wrote "USA" We would only have to enter the zip and then enter the house number. Is it possible?
  6. Hello! Our company has about 2,000 employees and we intend that each one has a unique access to the Filemaker platform. Does anyone know how to do this en masse, ie without creating an account one by one? Thanks for the help.
  7. I have tried to create layout for each agency, but it becomes a very slow and enificant process. I also tried to create a bunch of buttons, namely button one for agency 1 clients, button two for agency 2 clients, but as above it becomes very slow and light. Basically when they log in, it sends them to a common layout, but the data is just from the agency. The big problem with this is the buttons. I leave some help images. In the image I accessed an account with an agency and he redirected me to layout A, which is intended for agencies. By clicking for example on Staff he would g
  8. I am developing a database and I need help meeting the required goals. It is a company that has about 450 branches, divided by 50 states, that they are divided into 9 regions. 3 layouts were created for the same divisions. Basically when an agency logs in they have about 12 buttons in the layout and clicking one goes to the agency information. Example: Agency 153 logs in and goes to layout A clicks the button and goes to the information for that agency. Agency 345 logs in and goes to layout A clicks the button and goes to this agency information. The same theory applies to
  9. Hello! Many thanks to the formula works very well. The numbers will be used for military identification.
  10. Hello! My System is Windows 10 and the version is Filemaker Advanced 18. I would like if possible that the first 8 numbers were a predefined series (eg 19510889), then Filemaker would compute and add the check digit (eg 9) to the field. That is, in the ID field (ex.) It appeared at the end 19510889 9 In other words, when creating a new registry it would automatically put the serial number + the verification digit Examples: John ID - 19510889 9 Steve ID - 19510890 7 Alex ID - 19510891 5 The verification digit is based on the Luhn algorithm. Thank you for your
  11. Hello! I am building a database and came up this little problem can help. The identification number is composed of 9 digits, the first 8 digits being in series and the last one is digit check based on the algorithm of Luth, that is, instead of confirming and manually entering the identification number, there would be no a calculation / script that when creating a new record it created an identification number with the requirements above. Here is an example: 19510889 2 19510890 0 19510891 4 Thank you,
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