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  1. i have check both file and layout there is no script triggers and also the field. but here is the catch if i change the date field into a text field the dropdown calendar date works fine. but the problem is its not a date field anymore which it maybe more difficult later on when i making scripts.
  2. @bcooney im sorry i post to this link thinking its a different furom.
  3. @comment sir im sorry i cant share the file. its complicated, i have made a back end dbase and a front end file for the clients. where front end GUI connect via relation at the server dbase file via DNS link or IP. But here is a simple script i made. 3 records with the date created Table1:DateCreated gTable:gSDate = GLobal field Script: Enter Find mode [off] Set fiels [Table1:DateCreated;gTable:gSDate] Perform Find [] the result is error 401 no record match found, the same result if i used Ctrl +f process.
  4. Hi good day, Im new in the community as well as a filemaker user. im developing a system for a small office here in our local area, and im having problem with date field when searching. Its like when im trying to perform a find the date format suddenly change. Im using the drop down calendar in find mode, when i click the date it entered as MM/DD/YYYY as what i want it supposed to be, but when performing find or hitting enter the date change into "04/*/2019 09/*/2019 */*/2019". I already checked my machine date format just like anybody else in other forum recommended. But i tried to create a new simple database file with date field just to check if is my PC is the problem or the database file itself. After creating a database and 1 date field in it, and tried the same procedure i did with project database and the date perform normal. when i find and uses the drop down calendar the format is MM/DD/YYYY. Im using following Filemaker 15 Advance Windows 10 Operating System
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