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  1. I am using a 2015 MacBook Air running Mojave 10.4.5 and a HP LaserJet 1102w. When I try to print from FileMaker Pro 10 the program will crash after the third print. If I try to save the record as a PDF first it will crash immediately. I have to go into two to five layouts to print an entire service order. The Genius at the Apple Store was unaware that FileMaker is an Apple product, told me to reset the printing system and try again. This made no difference. I went back and they said to call FileMaker but FileMaker no longer supports FileMaker 10. So I bought another printer, a Xerox 3260 laser printer which does exactly the same thing. It will also crash after three prints if I try to save as a PDF from the print pop-up window. The company I am contracting for insists that this is working for everyone else and is getting impatient with me coming into the shop to print service orders on a Dell and have basically told me to buy a Windows PC or else. That seems completely insane to me because this is an Apple product in the first place. Does anyone have any idea how to stop this from happening? I have seen some ancient posts referring to old Adobe files to be removed but they don’t appear to be there in Mojave. For the record, they refuse to upgrade past FileMaker 10 because they got into some sort of pissing contest with FileMaker about licensing FileMaker for iPads. Thanks! David
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