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  1. Hi, Hope everyone is keeping well,I have a little issue, I am getting this error for quite a few email addresses when sending out through cloud mail, i cant see any obvious reason for it. An error occurred while trying to deliver the mail to the following recipients: XXX@XXX.XXX It is not just one domain that is throwing up the error. All SPF, DKIM are set up along with DNS. I have checked the email that was sent out for spam on mail-tester and it scores 8.3 out of 10. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. OK great thanks for that will go through it, is the provided database hard coded for north virginia ?
  3. OK thanks for letting me know, is there a walkthrough for how to set up the AWS side of things ?
  4. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the reply, is there much modification required to achieve this ?
  5. Hi, Could do with some advice please, i am just playing with the cloud mail plugin, i am trying to install the plugin on the server. I have copied both the FMX and FMX64 files to the following location, but it doesn't seem to register the plugin when I open the provided database, instead it asks me to install the plugin locally. C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\Extensions Is this the correct location ? Thanks.
  6. Awesome thank you for your help. Much appreciated.
  7. Oh ok, so let me get this straight, the windows 10 browser will support the drag and drop feature so the applet is no longer required. Is that the correct bit of code i need to remove ?
  8. Ok, this is being used inside filemaker, not on a webpage. will drag and drop still work in this case after removing the &"?Style=applet" part.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply, the code we have is as follows :- "" & T16_PROJECTS::ID_Project &"/1/"&"?style=applet" So yes it is the applet. what do you recommend changing this to ?
  10. We have Filemaker 18 server with Supercontainers installed, the client machine has Filemaker advanced 18 - 32bit with java 32bit installed. I have tried the 64bit version and have the same issue. I have added the server IP to the java security settings, along with allowing active X controls in internet settings. I am getting the following error when the applet tries to load. com.prosc.supercontainer.FileviewApplet Any help on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Andy
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