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  1. The messages that are being skipped randomly , sometimes just one in middle of a batch and in many occasions a whole series of emails. The batch size is always the same set on a figure set in the field. It has definitely been noticed in inbox i have not focused on others. below is the script that sets the message id
  2. Hi Thanks for your prompt response. Yes you are correct , that some emails that should be pulled into filemaker are randomly being missed with no pattern. I am using a most recent demo version on my local file in filemaker 18 advanced. My script for EmailReadMessages EmailReadMessages( "mailbox=" & MailboxBrowse::name ; "readonly=true" ; "max=" & Account::batchSize ; "skip=" & Count(MessageBrowse::id) ; "attachments=false" ; "progress=true" )
  3. Hi I am using this plugin 360email Works and for some reason ever so often(actually on a daily basis) emails are being missed. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this issue.
  4. Hi I would like to know if someone could help me out on this , sounds simple but unsure what i am missing. Basically a have a table where i create products - each has a unique lot number. i have another table which is the packaging lines - i hav another 3 child tables each is a packaging line. What i want is be able to apply each lot to a day of packaging and on which line. I create a page which is the packaging page for Date X , on it i put 3 portals one for each line. I am adding the lot numbers to each line by using a dropdown on the portal. What i am tring to achieve is that the drop down should filter the lot # which have been applied to a packaging line already , ANy idea how i could achieve that?
  5. Hi . is their any way i could use plugin functunality when on the go app , i have a email plugin in my solution and would like to utilise its uses when working from my phone/ipad?
  6. Hi , i recently upgraded to the cloud 19 server , i am trying to figure out wherei could upload the plugins to the cloud to be used in webdirect and go. i would appreciate if smeone could direct me on this.
  7. Hi I recently upgraded from Filemaker 15 to filemaker 19. I am trying to use the 360email plugin which has worked great in the past however it now gives me error messages when trying to send out an email with it . the error message I receive is java.lang.NullPointerException. I would appreciate if you could help me out with this .
  8. Hi , thanks for your swift response. I can't seem to locate the logs , this is my EmailReadMessages script parameters , do you see anything here that could prevent the new emails from coming in? EmailReadMessages( "mailbox=" & MailboxBrowse::name ; "readonly=true" ; "max=" & Account::batchSize ; "skip=" & Count(MessageBrowse::id) ; "attachments=false" ; "progress=true" ) I would appreciate a response Hi See attached log , could you figure this one out?
  9. Hi I have been using this plugin for sometime without any issues , but for some reason it lately stopped reading the latest emails , when i fetch the 100 more emails it just fetches the ones which are in the database already not bringing me in any more , any solution of what has happened here would be appreciated.
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