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  1. Hello All, I have a FM DB Solution that works quite well for Auction and have a few dozen of happy customers It stores Images using the External Ref Only features. All is Great even on FMS Server. Very Flexible, reliable and speed is OK with images around 1 Mo. As FM is moving out of this, i'm looking for using FM's native container features stored not in the DB but Externally. As a test I have taken a very simple DB with one container using the FMS Local Storage option ( Outside the DB though ). If I take only the DB (without the Images Folder), import the
  2. Yes, agreed you never have enough backup. They have one ( more then one inside and outside ) in the office. so we are good on this side. So to do the same as we have been doing since 30 years. Now I need an extra machine, an extra server, more procedure to make everything run smooth, which means more risk during Data Transfert. ( Once out from the Office server, import on the laptop server, connect the two machines on the server, and once the Auction done, export Data from the laptop server, ... and import back in the office server ) .... and delete all Data from the Laptop Server to avoi
  3. Hi Wim, Yes it is still in FM18, but as a depreciated feature and recommended not to use it in production but only in test environnement. And Claris clearly stated it will be discontinued in the next release of Filemaker. Which probably should occur in the coming 12 Month. Well on paper all is fine. But they don't need backup-up on their laptop. As soon as they get back to the office, they import all Datas in the main DB which is on their server. It's a "one click" procédure for them, so very handy. Do you mean we can set-up an FMS serveur on a laptop AND connect an FM Client ru
  4. Hello, I have a solution ( For French Auction ) using FMS ( Local ) and FM Client ( 16 and 17 ) Some auctions are located in areas where not internet is available. Right now, my client are exporting an instance of the Auction ( With all the related Datas, ) go to the place where the Auction takes places with Laptops, use one laptop as the Main Computer and the second one as a Client. ( Mainly to edit and Print Invoices during the auctions ) and all is good. This is pretty straight forward and customer are more then happy with the way it works. P2P will be discon
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