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  1. Hi Wim, Thanks for the advice. To be honest I will likely run this database from my internal hard disk and not over a network. Each database entry is quite basic with a few text boxes, check boxes and image boxes related to the entry. I can't see it being too much hassle for Filemaker to handle the kind of database I am planning to build because I have seen far more complicated databases working fine. It was mainly how the software plays with images and whether it would be slow, but I am confident now that FM is capable. Thanks You!
  2. Hi guys, I have a large database set up in TapForms and some of the entries have images attached to them, but the software is already acting kinda slow. In the near future I will be undertaking a project which will significantly increase the amount of images associated with each database entry. I am concerned that TapForms would not be a viable option for such an image heavy database. So, I am seriously considering buying and implementing Filemaker as my database software solution moving forward and I just have some questions. Can Filemaker handle a database consisting of many thousands of entries which could each have up to 5+ hi-res images attached to them? Will it be functional or will it become unbearably slow due to the images attached to many entries? Would migration via an exported .csv file from TapForms be possible and will such a migration break the existing association/link of the images to the individual database entries? It is a rather basic database. I do not need any type of calculations. It is simply used as a place to store basic text data and images associated to a certain entry. It's just there are thousands of entries... Thanks!
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