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  1. If im using a table, which formula would I need to replace the logic of the case function?
  2. Thank you! Can you point in the right direct of what I would need to accomplish the calculation?
  3. Right, correct. I can just run in once to update past records. I should have gone into greater detail - my fault. Here is a clear example of the calc: productCost * Case( IsEmpty(Brand)=0 and isEmpty (productCost)=0 and productCost <10; 1.5 IsEmpty(Brand)=0 and isEmpty (productCost)=0 and productCost <20; 1.4 IsEmpty(Brand)=0 and isEmpty (productCost)=0 and productCost <50; 1.3 ) This case function would continue for a while to hit various price points. Regard a pricing table, that was my original plan, but honestly, I have no idea how to accomplish that. What needs to be used in order for a lookup value to choose the right price bracket from the table? To better understand my perspective, this is for a personal project, so most of my decisions come from practicality given the time constraints. As I progress in my FM knowledge, I would like to change my solution to follow best practices. So any sloppy work from my end is not end coming at the expense of any client
  4. Thank you for the replies. I appreciate your time and help. Interesting idea. So would I lay the script out like this Replace Field Contents(productCost;productCost)? I just did a small test and it worked I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. Also, I do have a related field in my auto enter calc. It looks like this: productCost * Case( IsEmpty(Brand)=0 and isEmpty (productCost)=0 and productCost <10; 1.5; ...and so on Brand is a related field, which is present in this function as it will alter the result of the case formula output. In regards to business logic, if the item is branded, the price needs to be adjusted. My layout contains a portal with all the product variations and costs. For instance, the product is a black shirt, and the portal allows me to create the size SKU's along with the respective costs and prices. Agreed. Please see above in this comment for the explanation of the calc. The reason for the auto enter is more for business needs. For example the prices should be set via a calculation (which most likely will be changed in the future), but in some instances a person doing the QC of the data entry work may modify the price. Let's say that only 20% of the products entered will have the prices modified, it would be easier for 80% of the auto entered prices to be left alone than enter all of them. That is why I am leaning away from a calculation field as the user can not modify the contents, or as far as I understand it to be. Also, if I change the function(price table) it won't recalculate all the previous work, which is favored.
  5. Hello FmForums! Newbie here. It's been about 6 months of learning filemaker - I've been using forums, Youtube and good ol' Google for my learning. However, I am now scratching my head and can't find a solution. So, I am making my first post 😅. My issue: I have many records in the database and now I need to create another field. This field will calculate a product's selling price using the case formula as a pricing table. However I want the field to be an auto enter calc so I can change the field manually after if needed. The calculation uses a couple of existing fields, which have already been entered for every record in the database. How do I force an auto enter calc for this new field? I will to also have to checked so it does not recalculate. Why did I not have this field in the db earlier? To be honest, I had no idea of how to create a pricing table and I recently found the solution which I thought I can just add later. Also, if anyone can share of a better way to create a pricing table, I would love to hear it. Regards, Edward (a desperate newbie)
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