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  1. I was in a rush and hit the update button on my office Mac, not realising that I was about to install a new MacOS. The install went quick and smoothly - or so I thought. I was actually already on my way out when I had to look something up in our FM database. I tell you, I was quite surprised when I got two error messages telling me that the Scribe and Email plugin could not be loaded as they are from an unauthorised developer. I tried different ways to start the database or just FM, but always with the same warnings and not loaded 360works plugins. I tried to google for a solution but I was clearly the stupid early adopter with nowhere to go for help. But fear not, I found a way to make them work again. And is actually not overly complicated. My issue was that I had installed the extensions previously in the Filemaker folder within "Applications". All I had to do was to delete them there and to install them in the user specific "Library->Application Support->Filemaker->Filemaker Pro Advanced->16.0->Extensions" folder. C'est tout. Quite possible that if you have your plugins installed in the user specific folder in the first place, you won't run into this issue. For all the others - hope this helps.
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