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  1. Hello, What's the proper format to when looking for empty and not empty information?
  2. Still experiencing this issue. Not sure on my side if network or hardware problem. This just happened recently. I'm using filemaker server 17.
  3. How to find out what causes this dialog to pop up and its delaying some of the works? Is it something related on unstored calculations?
  4. how the IsValid () function works? Can this be use if the data I entered on a fields belongs to the value list.
  5. How to get the last character on a field? example: job; .the result should be ;
  6. Is it possible to eliminate not closest to the result?
  7. Is it possible just to get the most closest result?
  8. I was thinking to use the list function I.E List (Number) result will be something like 50 30 30 60 Then loop it to get the nearest total to given number. like 100 = 30, 60 The result is in list form but im afraid it could take time because i am going to loop the number to get to the total nearest.
  9. I found this video and i'm not sure if this doable through filemaker?
  10. Yeah, I found this hard to implement in Filemaker but it is doable. Just need further research about its logic.
  11. Problem solved. What i did was create a duplicate table and relate them.
  12. Is this doable using filemaker Go or Windows? there's a speak function but it is only for OS X
  13. So the it will be the same even if i change it to calculation text field?
  14. It's working. Yeah i notice the problem now that if i increase the repetition number it becomes slower. It's it possible not to use repetition field? Instead we will just use an calculation text field.
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