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  1. I have now set up 2 configurations 1 for "download" and 1 for "upload". Additionally i modified the 'willDelete' script with your suggestion, and this perfectly solved my problem. Thank you very much again Jesse.
  2. Thank you Jesse for this detailed answer. I will try this tomorrow when i´m back at work. I will report back if this solves my problem. Thank you very very much
  3. Alternative: Can i filter the data i want to be synced? For example just sync records with a specific condition.
  4. How can i prevent mirrorsync from deleting records from the hub when i deleted them on FilemakerGo. I tried to search the forum, but i didn´t find an answer. Do you have any idea? I was already thinking about a second configuration, but i cant come up with an solution. Thank you in advance for your inputs
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