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  1. Thanks so much for that. All great except when I add the Div instead of Truncate as can be seen in the much simpler sample attached. The median values with Truncate for these 5 records are correct. with Div they aren't - what am I doing wrong? whitsunday_monitoring sample.fmp12
  2. thank you for that. I thought I had changed that for all calculations but had not. My apologies and sorry for not sending a simpler file too.
  3. Hi, in the attached database, we collect a range of readings per date. I need to calculate the median for each element (eg temperature, pH etc) across a range of dates. There is one record per date. The user will change the range of dates depending on what time period they want to view. The data doesn't need to be summarised by anything. I am most of the way there, thanks to this great post: https://www.briandunning.com/cf/298. I have run the script in that link on a field doing a summary list. However, the list doesn't seem to sort as specified in the script, and the median value returned is not always accurate. The lab results layout has been temporarily set up so I can see the summary field for each element below the median calculation field, with the actual data in the body. This way I could see what the sort was etc. I've just put in 5 records to test this, and to test what happens when there are odd and even records. sign in is admin/admin. Grateful for any help! H
  4. Ahhh, I see now. Thank you so much for a concise explanation. That makes sense and I was able to fix my issue. 😊
  5. Hi there, I am sure there is a really simple answer to this but I just can't crack it. I have two related tables: Property and AoPC. Each Property will belong in a particular AoPC. I have set up the relationship and a set of tabs on a layout in the AoPC table. Each tab has a portal showing particular properties in that AoPC depending on the value in another field in the Property table called Influence. The Portal Filter calculation is really simple: If(Property::Influence = "25m";"25m";""), with a different value for each portal. There are three possible values in the Influence field: 25m, 40m or GWD. For 25m and 40m, this works perfectly. Also if the portal is unfiltered, all records for that AoPC show up. However, when I filter the portal for any value without a numeral in it, eg GWD, nothing shows up on the portal. I tested this by changing the value to 1GWD and GDW1 and viola, it showed up in both cases, but remove the 1 and it won't show. Influence field is text, I have checked for spaces etc, but nothing changed. Thank you 😣
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