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  1. Ahhh, I see now. Thank you so much for a concise explanation. That makes sense and I was able to fix my issue. 😊
  2. Hi there, I am sure there is a really simple answer to this but I just can't crack it. I have two related tables: Property and AoPC. Each Property will belong in a particular AoPC. I have set up the relationship and a set of tabs on a layout in the AoPC table. Each tab has a portal showing particular properties in that AoPC depending on the value in another field in the Property table called Influence. The Portal Filter calculation is really simple: If(Property::Influence = "25m";"25m";""), with a different value for each portal. There are three possible values in the Influence field: 25m, 40m or GWD. For 25m and 40m, this works perfectly. Also if the portal is unfiltered, all records for that AoPC show up. However, when I filter the portal for any value without a numeral in it, eg GWD, nothing shows up on the portal. I tested this by changing the value to 1GWD and GDW1 and viola, it showed up in both cases, but remove the 1 and it won't show. Influence field is text, I have checked for spaces etc, but nothing changed. Thank you 😣
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