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  1. Hi folks, I'm playing with an idea to create a global navigation popover button, that uses the Web Viewer to point at our WebDirect homepage. I've got this much working, however when I click the tiles, I want it to spawn a new database/browser window. Unfortunately it just opens the other database within this tiny Web Viewer I want to do this for navigation consistency, aligning with other (less malleable) web products within our intranet. Can anyone help unstick me, or offer tips on how I could achieve my goal? Cheers!
  2. Thanks Ryan. My PDF field was formatted as a number. Your advice helped me figure this out thank you
  3. I'm trying to ScribeDocWriteValue a "form requester" name to a PDF. My FM field is populating correctly using Get (AccountName). After I write the value to the PDF, instead of the expected account name, the value I get is "0.0". Just wondering if someone can replicate or please confirm this doesn't work? Cheers
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