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  1. 👍 nice solution for shared computer ! You can update your documentation to communicate this good solution. But please add proxy support on JRE download on the next release !
  2. Thanks for your quick reply ! Yes... but when all network connection must go through a proxy the download is not done... And I think it's not a big job to add computer proxy's settings to be taken into account on that download ! And for shared computer, the download is done on each session... For the option of using local installed JAVA, I understand your point of view... but why not just adding a setting to let user configure a custom JAVA path ? And if JAVA is found, don't download your version But if the download is working well through a proxy, that point is not mandatory. It's just an improvment to let user do what he want !
  3. When we are using proxy server for all outgoing connection on a network, when 360worksSM try to download the JRE at startup, the plugin make a direct connection and don't use default computer proxy's value. That cause the error : An error occurred while downloading https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.store.download/jre/win/1.8.0_152.zip. Couldn't connect to server. (7) So, could you please add support of current computer proxy settings ? And could you also please add an option to use already-installed version of JAVA on the computer instead of downloading the JRE ?
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