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  1. Hi Steve Thanks for the tip. I did start a new layout with the levels as you suggested. Now I can see all the levels and all the descriptors. I think I need to work on how to write Find requests. In the Access days I would write a query that would collect that info so I think I'm not sure how to do the equivalent in FM. I appreciate your help. For now, I am going to put both the level and descriptor in the same portal cell as I can only display one of the two no matter what I do. Maybe a bad relationship along the way... BG
  2. Hi Everyone I am a new filemaker programmer (that's a stretch!). I just learned how to link three tables (Assignments/Rubrics/Levels). I created a drop down menu from a portal (based on levels). It shows two things (level and descriptor) in the portal. Yeah I am trying to get to print the level and the descriptor on a report. What level did a student get? What did the level descriptor say? Like a mini report card. I am able to get the Level to display correctly based on the drop down menu on the report. I cannot ( and I have tried many things) get the descriptor to show. It is
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