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  1. I can sync with MirrorSync 6.03, but I can't download the fileset. The environment is as follows. Server OS: mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra Server Machine: mac mini Memory: 16GB FileMaker Server: Custom Apps: MCSApp, MCSData, timestamppicker16mcs, These are separation models. timestamppicker16mcs is for reference only. There is no need for synchronization. MCSApp has layouts, scripts and relations. MCSData is data-centric, but has a lookup relation. Each file relationship is different from the primary key. The primary key is UUID and was created for Mi
  2. I was able to copy tables, scripts and layouts from MirrorSync Support. Thank you.
  3. I am currently installing MirrorSync 6.02. However, while setting up 360 Works Mirrorsync configuration, the table, script, layout, and copy buttons for these are not displayed. Why?
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