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  1. i have question regarding the set field part set field $field=&sum? did you mean the set field (summary field)=$sum? I want all the summary sum of each record per account. but it shows the summary field of the entire record of the table.
  2. Please help with this one, I want to copy or set field from another summary field.how to do this for each individual record.
  3. Good day sir. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just came back from a very long vacation, tried the sample from sir Wim Decorte and it worked for my application.Thanks also for #comment for the ideas. it really helped me a lot, I will continue developing my application and continue to post questions here. I hope you will continue to support and answer my questions. Thanks & God bless.
  4. There 2 tables in my app. Customers-table Transactions -Table which is connected to each other by customersid Customers table fields includes *accountname,*Address,*Meter, and SCDiscount=No/Yes *Transactions fields-*Previous Reading,*Present Reading*,*usage, and *Discount field=(SCDiscount field from Customers table) when i used the Discount field in a layout, it shows the result of Discount=No/Yes, so this means that the two fields is succesfully connected. but when i create a new field (discount rate which is an auto-enter calculation field) then i used this code: If (Discount="Yes" and Consumption<=30;AmountDue*.05;0) when entering new field the result always shows 0, even if the calculation meets the criteria. any help please?
  5. is my calculation correct?why is it not running. regarding this field, i just used this code, 'coz it is the way our office processing is.
  6. yes this is my actual calculation If ( wb::SCDiscount="Yes" and Consumption<=30;AmountDue*.05;0) but i don't know whats wrong, that it will not run if I enter new data?
  7. your right sir, but they will have to register before they can avail the discount that's the time that his transaction will implement the discount,that's why i have to store this field.so that it will calculate until the customer is registered . sample. if the customer has the bill for the month of Jan-Feb-mar 2019. but the customer only registered for the month of Apr-2019. the field only calculates the discount of Apr-2019 bill, not the entire bill of jan-feb-mar2019.
  8. how i can stored a field when it depends from a related field from the other table, The field is the senior citizen discount field which only calculates when the customer is registered as a senior citizen. if not , it will not calculate. Table 1-Customer (senior citizens discount field) one to many relationship Table 2-Transactions(look up the senior citizen discount field and make a discount if the discount field is yes)
  9. I want to create a card window to edit data/fill data in a portal row
  10. Thanks that works! using this script Set Variable[] New Window[opens the layout that you fill up the data] new record/request set field[] But how about if i use the button in a a portal/or inside the portal?
  11. ow can I add new data to a portal or to a related table?using another layout.? like this one;
  12. I want to print a Legder, but I want to print just the last record or last row of my ledger. is there a way to print like a bank pass book?
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