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  1. ow can I add new data to a portal or to a related table?using another layout.? like this one;
  2. I want to print a Legder, but I want to print just the last record or last row of my ledger. is there a way to print like a bank pass book?
  3. Good day maam and sir, I would like to ask for help about this calculation?if how can I use and apply this one in to one field? This is for water billing app, Calculation is : Previous Reading-Present Reading=Consumption Consumption =Amount Due The Consumption is calculated result from below calculations. But it is depend if the Connection Type is Residential,Commercial or Bulk. If type is Commercial “C” Case(Consumption>=36;(((((Consumption-15)-10)-10)*21.56)+43.13+945);If(Consumption>=26;((((Consumption-15)-10)*34.5)+600);If(Consumption>=16;(((Consumption-15)*30)+300);If(Consumption>=15;(300);If(Consumption>=10;(300);If(Consumption<=9;Consumption*30;"0")))))) If type is residential “R” Case(Consumption>=36;(((((Consumption-15)-10)-10)*21.56)+472.5);If(Consumption>=26;((((Consumption-15)-10)*17.25)+300);If(Consumption>=16;(((Consumption-15)*15)+150);If(Consumption>=15;(150);If(Consumption>=10;(150);If(Consumption<=9;Consumption*15;"0")))))) If Connection Type is Bulk “B”=Case(Consumption>=1;Consumption*200)
  4. it's ok sir, coz i am not gonna use that data any other than this form or letter.
  5. This is continuation that i'm working on a Water Billing App. I need this calculation for my Disconnection Letter. I would like to subtract the last portal row or the row that is not "Due" and don't have penalties yet. so like the data show above, the bill #-08-0000133-5 is not yet Due coz it does'nt have a penalty yet, so this row will have to subtract to the total balance. like this Total Balance= 2,934.568-580.30 Total is 2,354.27 and it will show here: Thanks for the reply in advaced.
  6. Tried this code today sir/madam and it really work, thanks a lot,.
  7. I am working with a water billing system. so I have a field for a reading of a water consumption so this is the process flow,this is also a field in a portal (date billed with due date and previous-present reading=consumption then consumption=amount due and there is a penalty field, when the consumer did'nt pay or paid after the due date then the calculation execute.) after the 1st week that i have developed the aplication the calculation and the field is working fine, but when i try to enter new bill recently ,i have noticed that it is not working properly,like its always calculating even the result is false. please help or please give other suggestion with this calculation. Case ( IsEmpty ( DatePaid ) or DatePaid>Due Date;AmountDue*.05;0;Due_Date<Get (CurrentDate);AmountDue*.05;0)
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