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  1. Anyone could please help me with my script? Validating the following fields: DatePaid,OR# and AmountPaid. i'd like to validate the field with Script Triggers -OnCommitRecords and with the Button(Save). I have attach my script here, problem is it seems the first "if" line is the that works.
  2. Anyone could help me with error-trapping script. I would like to have to set up a script which will show dialog box when i left the "Date Billed" empty records. After the dialog box, that only shows Ok button, then go back to the layout and go to the field (Date Billed), for the user to fill the records. I would like to apply this in all my fields that is required fields. instead of the filemaker error message ,i'd like to do it in a script. i have attached my script which is continues to save even if the show dialog opens with (Revert Records,Yes,No) options, I would like
  3. i already figured it out, i resize the button in a portal row.Thanks!
  4. I have a portal from a child table and i'd like to have a button on each record on a portal for me to edit the data using a card window. I am already using GTRR on a card window, but no luck it does't show the record that I clicked on a portal row. Anybody could help?
  5. currently working on water billing system. Parent Table-Customer Infor(Consumers Table) Child Table-Transactions(Meter Reading Information) I have a Ledger Layout which I want to show the data from the related table, and print all the data with more than one pages. The Ledger Layout in set to Transactions Table. I tried using the Go To Related Records but it is not the results that i want cause it shows all the data in the Transactions Table.
  6. could i use the actual scirpt above before my enter find mode script?or do i need to use my global fields for setting the variable? i barely need this script for my reports.
  7. Thank you for that positive response sir, when i tried it to run manually from the scripts, it runs just as i want and the results that i wanted. but when i load it in Script Triggers (On Record Load) it loads and the cursor keeps loading. how do i stop the find when it is finished finding the data?
  8. i am currently building an application for Water Billing System. I have 2 tables: wb-which is the Customers Information. Transactions-for the Water Meter Readings Record. i am working on my reports layouts for filtering using 2 global fields. that i set before opening my report layouts. Global Fields-g_Address & g_Month. this my script that i am using. Set Variable[$Address; Value:g_Address] Set Variable[$Month;Value:g_Month] Enter Find Mode[] Set Field [wb::Address;$Address] New Record/Request Set Field [Transactions::Month;$Mont
  9. Can anyone help me,how to filter portal with dropdown list,using global fields?
  10. Already select validate always, it shows errors but still it imports the empty field.
  11. Anyone can suggest how to make Dropdown List with Month & Year. Like this one : Jan-19 Feb-19 and so on.
  12. i already validate each fields and requires not empty, but still it imports the empty fields.
  13. blank data means empty data, it's like i have 3 records in the excel but when i finished import process it says i have 12 or more data that have been imported, but actually it only contains 3 records. please tell me how can i validate?
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