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  1. Hello everyone, I'm storing some videos in a portal in record A. If I'd like to have access to a video already stored in record A from another record, is there a way to reference that record A video in that other record portal. The idea is to avoid duplication and, at the same time, having a copy of the video in my solution, as opposed to storing it on my computer hard drive. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Wim for your detailed response. I will explore each aspect of your response carefully. But I must say, at first glance your suggestions appear way beyond my knowledge and abilities in front of a computer screen. For instance, I have no idea what integrating with Microsoft's APIs means... But a couple of questions come to my mind: 1) I understand I'd have first to transfer to OneDrive all the Word documents to be converted that are now in my FM database , correct? 2) Once transferred, could they all be converted into PDFs as a batch, or would they have to be converted one by on
  3. Hello all, just a quick question: is it possible to save Word documents in a Container field as PDFs? Does FM allow for that? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Steve, As far as the virtual list is concerned, the script works just fine. It creates and populates the virtual list with all the found records. So that is not the issue I'm concerned with. The problem I'm having is that the script does not find all the records it should find because, when there is more than one name in the authors field of table B (where the script is executed), the script searches table B records and then table A records only with the first name in the authors field. It should continue the search with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th name, and so on. So lines 8 to 18, and
  5. Good Afternoon, I’ve written a script to create a virtual list of titles from two tables. The script is executed from a table B record. It first searches for the records in table B where the author is the same as the author on the table B record from which it is executed, and then for table A records with that same author. Everything works fine as long as the table B record has only one author in the author field. When there is more than one, the script fails to loop through the table B author field. It looks like it is taking only the first author into account. The table B author field
  6. Thanks a lot for your explanations. I'll try to use the looping script approach for now, until I upgrade to the latest FM version. Being retired, I can afford devoting a few months to writing a script, even if chances are I'll never get it right.😃😃 At my age, I've learned to be patient.
  7. Thanks Steve, But it seems like FM16 doesn't allow me to do this? Is that correct?
  8. Than you both for your comments. In fact, my original question may have been a bit misleading. As Comment wrote, the issue is not about the text field being in a tab control or not; it's about whether or not a text field can be searched and found words highlighted. The approach described by OlgerDiekstra is way too complicated for me as I am far from an expert on FM. As for the link provided by Comment, it refers to a function called HiliteMulti. It looks like this function is no longer present in FM, at least I can't find it in my FM16 version. Was the function ever present in FM an
  9. Hello, I have a layout with about a dozen tab controls, each dealing with a different FileMaker subject matter. In each tab, there is a text field intended to store notes about FM. I’d like to be able to do a search for specific words in each of these text fields and, if the word is found, I’d like it to be highlighted. Is this feasible? Or should I take a different approach for storing these notes and being able to search them? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm sorting a portal on Document Title, Document Author and Document Number. The sorting is done by clicking on column headers, using the script and calculated fields below. The problem is with the sorting on the document number. It does not really work as for instance, in ascending order, document number 786 displays before document 85. That's because the sorting is done on the first digit, so adding a zero in front of 85 would resolve the issue, but renumbering documents 1 to 999 is not an option. So based on my research, it looks like the solution to this (or at least one solution)
  11. Got it. Everything works ok. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks very much. Just a quick question. How should I change the calculation so that the color field is not hidden when say A (or b or both) and C are checked. I want to make sure I can check C along with either A or B without the color field getting hidden.
  13. Hi, I have field 1, which is set at Checkbox Set and uses a value list of three items (A, B, C). Then I have field 2, which I’d like to be able to hide whenever A or C, or both, is checked in field 1. Hiding field 2 when A or C of field 1 is checked works fine. But I can’t manage to hide it when both A and C are checked. I’ve tried several different calculations but nothing seems to work. Is this feasible? Thanks for your help.
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