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  1. Hi Mike, It seems that your sample file does not work with FM17. Can you please have a look ? Thank you
  2. Hi Wim, Thank you for your suggestion. I have contacted Meraki Cisco to ask about the port and they did something with port 80, 443 and 16000 and the audio is working fine now. Thank you
  3. I have a container field, which "stores container data externally" with "Open Storage". In the container field, I inserted audio with the name in the format: "AAAA.m4a". The audio is working perfectly fine when I connect to Filemaker via Internal IP Address of the Server (please see the attached picture) However, when my clients are outside of network and connect to Filemaker via External IP Address, the audio display "error" (please see the attached picture). The server is FMS 15 and my clients are using FM14 Do you know how to solv
  4. Hi, I opened Manage Database and created a relationship in there. Then, I clicked "OK". After that, my cursor started spinning and the Manage Database failed to close (Please see that attached picture) https://ibb.co/XCjh7Zv It has been spinning for 3 hours. Is there anyone knows how to resolve this issue ? Thank you in advance, Kind Regards, Eddy
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