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  1. Thank you! Beautifully solved by changing from popup to dropdown. Nice one.
  2. I have an address record with seven fields. To enter the data, my users like to tab through the fields in a set order. One of the fields is set to pop up list with a value list of world countries, the first of which is 'United Kingdom'. My problem is that if I click in the field with the mouse, the popup is triggered and the value list is displayed for selection with the mouse. However, if I tab through the list, when I tab into the field the popup is not triggered so the value list of countries is not displayed for selection. How can I set the layout so that tabbing into that fie
  3. A simple script to close the file, saving a copy for backup, fails to log the user out. Each time I open the file after the initial opening, the login and password request is bypassed. Simple file closing script: 1. Flush Cache to Disk 2. Save a Copy As ... 3. Close File When I re-open the file, I am NOT asked for my login details. I need the re-opened file to ask for login and password on each opening. Simple opening script reads: 1. Go to Layout 2. Adjust Window 3. Show all Records Question: What do I need to add to either of these scripts to force FM Pro
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