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  1. Thanks, Wim! Your assumption is correct, I'm using referenced containers in an effort to control the file size of the database. I tried to create a button to activate that step, but it looks like that function only works in v18, while I'm stuck with v17 for now. Previously I was using v13 with this calculation field: (If (IsEmpty(QT_movie) ; "Missing" ; "")). It worked well as I could easily isolate the quicktimes I needed to import or re-import if the link became broken. I've now put the quicktimes into their own table, so it's easy to batch delete and re-import a set of quicktimes
  2. Thanks everyone! I've been successful in setting up a FM peer-to-peer file sharing option on our private network using the FMP client instead of the server. The solution was to use version v17 (I noticed it was provided with v18 with the development license), I was able to install it on our older Macs without any issues. However, I did get security warnings when I connected the other clients saying the connection wasn't secure. Considering we're working behind a secure firewall I don't think this is a concern... or should I? Also, while I was searching for a solution I purchased my
  3. I know I'm replying to a post nearly 5 years old, but I'm looking for a solution to this problem as well. IsEmpty(field) doesn't recognize when a link to a file is broken in a container field. I'd like another field to calculate when thumbnail images and/or quicktime videos go missing so I don't have to scan through the table for gaps. Does anyone know how to do this?
  4. Hello, I'm new to FMP and want to set up a single database solution for a small team of 4 people. Our systems aren't running the latest MacOS to keep our older Macs reliable, so the server won't run on our system. I'm wondering what the best option might be for such a small team - can we a use a file sharing system to serve up the database to the other 3 people on my development team? Or do we need to buy into a cloud based server to do this? Thanks in advance!
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