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  1. How would I go about viewing the group claims from the Azure AD JWT token? Is there any easy way that I can access these from within FileMaker? Or would I have to request them from the MS Graph API after I've already logged in?
  2. That was the original plan however different users in each group need different privilege sets based on their role in the organization, to restrict the tables/layouts that they can view. I don't see any way this would be possible if they're grouped.
  3. Why can I not add Azure AD authenticated accounts with the Add-Account script step. I have users authenticating in AAD who need to invite other AAD users to my filemaker application. If scripting is not possible then they will all have to be entered manually. Why is this not possible? I saw this, https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/question/0D50H00006h9Eaz/add-account-missing-oauth-users but there wasn't any explanation of why it wasn't possible. This seems like it could be done exactly the same as local accounts, but instead, the feature is simply missing.
  4. Yes, this is in reference to WebDirect. Alright, thank you very much for the response. That is what I thought would be the case, but I just wanted to be certain.
  5. I have a FileMaker application embedded in my website in an iframe on a page locked behind Azure Active Directory auth. Currently, I have to click the 'Login with Microsoft' button twice in order to access my Filemaker database. First, from my container page, and then again from the filemaker file. Is it possible to login using external auth (Azure AD) with a POST request, to reduce the number of steps required? Or pass my Azure tokens somehow?
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